"Like many smaller businesses, the Tolleys had treated branding as an afterthought rather than a priority. For one thing, their name, Twisted Tree, echoed that of many similar companies, both in and outside their industry. More crucially, their nondescript label simply didn’t stand out on shelves, let alone help shoppers understand the product." (Canadian Business, November 2016)

"Search engine optimization, or SEO, isn’t some dark-magic alchemy that requires a highly paid specialist. At its most basic, it’s simply a matter of having a website that loads quickly and includes all keywords relevant to your business. If you don’t come up near the top in Google when people search for your company name (and city, if the name isn’t unique enough), you have a problem." (The Globe and Mail, September 27, 2016) 

"A decade ago, there was no Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare to help small businesses connect with customers. All small businesses needed back then was a simple website, an ad in the Yellow Pages and a phone number. Nowadays, digital technology provides a wealth of possibilities for connecting in the virtual realm. But how can business owners be sure they’re making efficient use of their time and money, rather than just chasing after the latest thing?" (CB Insights, Fall 2015)