Kat Tancock

"Several days before the New Year, it’s a hive of activity. Worshipers congregate in the courtyard and line up to purchase joss sticks. Inside the intricate carved doors, massive conical coils of incense slowly burn overhead, pieces of red paper inscribed with wishes hanging in the centre. These are said to go for weeks before dying out, their smoke carrying prayers to the heavens." (The Globe and Mail, January 27, 2017)

"The water is warm as I slip into the tub at the spa of the Borjomi Palace Hotel. It's early in the morning and I'm already relaxed, but I'm not here for mere pampering. My 15 minutes of allocated soaking time is for medicinal purposes: bathing in – and drinking – the local mineral-rich waters is said to alleviate skin conditions, stress and even digestive issues. It's also a refreshing way to start my visit to this historic town." (CAA Magazine, Fall 2016) 

"Just up the road from Gail’s is the Portobello Star, a cosy bar that’s perhaps best known for its Ginstitute, a gin education workshop. Join a small group of other gin lovers for a G&T in the bar before heading upstairs to learn about the history of gin in London. After, you can create your own variation on the trendy spirit – which will be bottled and sent home with you." (TheLoop.ca, July 2016)

"Inclusivity is a work in progress, and the great Toronto diversity experiment has seen its share of challenges. But for many residents, the varied viewpoints (and, let's be honest and put top priorities first, the varied cuisines) are the big draw here, the reason the city is such an exciting and addictive place to live. And for tourists who want to go deeper into local culture and neighbourhoods, there's no chance of ever getting bored." (Travesías, May 2017) 

"Museum guide Dominic Ste-Marie finds huge value in sharing his people’s traditions and stories with visitors from all cultures—and in discovering them for himself. But it’s the economic and social opportunities afforded by the Hôtel-Musée that he sees as most important; the hotel and museum complex are not just a source of income, but a source of pride for the community, too." (Westjet Magazine, November 2016)